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Shatta wale is bigger than the president- Bulldog


Shatta wale is bigger than the president- Bulldog

Shatta wale is bigger than the president- Bulldog

Ghanaian Superstar shatta wale is popular than that of the most important man of the land, Nana Addo. Bulldog the manager of Shatta wale believes his artist shatta wale and other musicians are popular than the president and other politicians respectively.

with a reason to back his claims, bulldog stated that comparing musicians to the politicians, they, the entertainers are miles away from the politicians because the celebrity has already establish a following based on their line of work, being a musician, Tv personnel, actors, etc.

Shatta wale currently is a musician and has a huge following, what was the work of Nkrumah before becoming the president. bulldog asked rhetorically to the host of best entertainment show, Halifax on okay Fm.

the politicians are supposed to make our life easy but they turned out to make it difficult, he added.

most of the politicians only becomes popular during their season. many people agree with bulldog when it comes to this topic, they believes politicians, president and government will come and go but for how long now has the king still reigning.

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