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#FIXTHECOUNTRY: Ghanaian Youth tells Akuffo-Addo.


#FIXTHECOUNTRY: Ghanaian Youth tells Akuffo-Addo.

Ghanaian youth has launched a demonstration on twitter to disclose their displeasure on the current State of the Nation under the Akuffo-Addo led Government.

As a Ghanaian Living in the country, You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you the country is in mess. its like we are made to be retrogressing, sixty four years after independent, a country like Ghana which is blessed with Natural/human resources with all the respected and learned professionals, traditional leaders is still suffering to enjoy basic social amenities.

In recent Years, Successive Government had made promise upon promises to make the country better but turns out to be making only themselves and their families better leaving the ordinary Ghanaian to suffer.

The current Akuffo Addo led Government had a good policies during their time in opposition which the youth trusted most in giving them the power, but has turned out to show the voter that it was just a hunger for power. therefore the politicians are all the same and even worse. Ranging from High cost of living, unemployment, Bad Road network, and now spoiling the water bodies for galamsey, driving on bad road with of V8’so one may ask, do these politicians really think? the most annoying part of it is taking us back to slavery.

With no study backing the claim, Almost all of the Osagyefo factories were abandoned and left to rot in the seventies because the IMF had advised the government of the day these factories were not viable and were bound to fail. and that is how we lost our economic muscle and freedom and adopted highly dependency. If we were a people that read, we would have found in his 1965 Colonialism – The Last Stage of Imperialism book that, the neo- colonial project began many years even before the fall of colonialism and these institutions were established to ensure the neo-colonial project was a success.

Like it happened during the colonial era where Africa and for that matter, Ghana, initiated and fed the industrial revolution of Europe, the trend needed to continue even in independence and with Ghana running factories of her own meant the raw materials needed to feed these European factories will either be greatly reduced or non-existent so it was of economic benefit to use the IMF and the World Bank to collapse our factories so theirs can have a constant supply of raw materials. This is how the Osagyefo’s legacy of economic freedom was defeated, so gently corroborated without struggle. The hand that feeds you controls you.

Forty-nine years after everything came crumpling down, we are choking the masses with a One District One Factory slogan with not even a single established and fully functioning factory in the country.

with regards to this, the total public debt stock is GHS204.6 billion yet the country is still struggling to attain the kind of development that is supposed to get with all these borrowing.

These and many other reasons has given the young Ghanaian a voice to protest on social media and hopefully to take the protest on the street if nothing is being done.

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